Hoppy Father’s Day Card

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Hoppy Father’s Day Card


As I contemplated what to do for this Father’s Day card, I searched Pinterest for inspiration. I was so disappointed – it seems the vast majority of Father’s Day card themes are tools, ties, grilling, golf, fishing & hunting, and beer. What are we to create for the dads in our lives that are not interested in these things? What about the fathers who enjoy rock climbing, gardening, beekeeping, or gaming? Card inspiration for these guys is nearly impossible to find. Well, I’m jumping in and creating a card that’s a bit different. It’s a little cheesy and it’s cute…this is a card for the hiker, the adventurer, the Scout leader, or perhaps the backyard gardener. I hope you enjoy it.

Papers Used in this Project

  • Yellow Card Stock
  • Lime Card Stock
  • White Card Stock

Supplies & Embellishments Used in this Project

Quick Instructions for this Project

  1. Cut and fold the yellow card base to A2 size. (5.5″ wide by 4.25″ tall).

  2. Cut the lime green card stock to 5 2/16″ wide by 3 15/16″ tall.

  3. On the white card stock trace a rectangle 4 3/4 by 3 9/16″ tall.

  4. Stamp within the rectangle, leaving enough room to cut out the center.

  5. Cut along your tracing, then fussy cut the middle. You can get your scissors in the middle by slightly folding the center and making several cuts around the center of the card.

  6. If you have great handwriting, or a greeting stamp that would work, you can skip this next bit. Print the greeting, “Hoppy Father’s Day” on printer paper. My font is Miss Smarty Pants (http://www.dafont.com/miss-smarty-pants.font) in 36pt type. Cut around the greeting.

  7. Cut out a small piece of carbon paper, a little larger than your greeting.

  8. Dry fit the fussy cut stamping on top of the lime green card stock, placing your greeting where it looks best. Carefully remove the stamping and while holding your greeting in place, slip the carbon paper underneath. Trace the greeting and it will transfer to the lime green card stock. Now with a black paint pen, trace the transferred greeting which is now on the lime green card stock.

  9. Apply glue to the back of the stamping and adhere it to the lime green card stock, making sure there is an equal border of lime green card stock. Trace around it with a black paint pen. Glue this to the yellow card base.

  10. That’s it!

I hope you enjoy making this cutesy Father’s Day card. It would be a great project to work on with a kid!

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2 Comments On This Topic
  1. Carolyn
    2 years ago

    I love the bright colors and center cutout design, really eye catching card.

    • RST Design Team
      2 years ago

      Thank you Carolyn!

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