Springtime Bunny Card

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Springtime Bunny Card

This week’s card was a lot of fun for me because I’m a huge fan of coloring even though I’m all grown up. It features the Springtime Bunny set (brand new!) and involves coloring, cutting out, and stamping something in such beautiful colors that I had a happy little foretaste of Spring! I love the focal stamp, a gorgeous Victorian bunny portrayed behind a card base reminiscent of a cabinet card, the thick display folders that old photograph portraits used to come in. Hope you enjoy it too!

Stamps Used in this Project

Papers Used in this Project

  • White
  • Light Purple
  • Brown Kraft

Quick Instructions for this Project

  1. I wanted to try making the cabinet card in brown kraft paper because that’s more like a real cabinet card. To celebrate Spring in a more colorful way, I also wanted to see what a light purple would look like. You can decide which version you like best.

  2. First, make the (A2) card base by folding in half a piece of card stock measuring 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Round off the corners of the card base with scissors or X-acto™ knife. Cut an oval hole in the middle of the card base and then use a broad silver paint pen to make an edge around the opening. Then use a fine silver paint pen to decorate the edges and the corners of the card base and the top and bottom of the oval opening. (I didn’t worry about making mine look exactly like the card from which we got our inspiration: http://stickydots.blogspot.com/2015/04/easter-bunny-hop.html and it worked out fine). Set this piece aside for now.

  3. Take a piece of white card stock and draw an oval the same size as the opening on the card base. Stamp a landscape scene using the instructions from the package insert. In order to avoid stamping the flowers on top of the bunny, I made a mask for the bunny from a blue Post-It® Note.
    Use colored pencils to color in the bunny, the flowers, and the grass. In addition, I made some cut-outs which I colored in with Gelly Roll™ pens and attached them with double-sided foam tape. The extra sheen on the flowers makes them the perfect embellishment (love me some Gelly Roll™ pens!). I also used my favorite blue Gelly Roll™ pen to color in the sky.

  4. Last, erase any pencil marks you might have made and put the card together. Just glue the stamped piece behind the opening in the card base and you’re done!


What an enjoyable stamp set! I especially love the bunny because he’s (or she’s) the perfect size for this card and looks so good sitting amid a wild garden of daffodils, one of the most glorious flowers on earth because they bloom when we didn’t plant (at least in the southeast of the country) and they always mean that spring is on the way!

Have a great couple of weeks until we meet again. And, as always, happy stamping from Rubber Stamp Tapestry!

*I love to use Tombow MonoMulti Glue for several reasons. For one, the glue bottle comes with two different dispensing ends and I love the fine line I can get with the small end. Also, I like to dab glue on a piece of paper, and let the glue dry before affixing the paper to its final place. This lets the glue become just sticky enough to allow repositioning. I also like the size and shape of the glue bottle; it’s easy to hold and use. Last, the glue smells delish, like pineapple!

Renee Lewis, Contributing Crafter

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